Jackson Michael — We Are The World Chords | Ver. 1

Jackson Michael - We Are The World Chords | Ver. 1 World of Tanks

Jackson michael — we are the world chords | ver. 1

Jackson michael — we are the world, аккорды и текст песни, слова

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We are the world chords by michael jackson | songsterr tabs with rhythm

Standard (EADGBE)

—Verse I

There comes a time when

we heed a certain call

When the world must come together as one

There are people dying, oh and

It’s time to lend a hand

To life,the greatest gift of all

And We can’t go on pretending day by day

That someone, somewhere we’ll soon make a change.

We are all a part of God‘s great big family,

And the truth,

Про WoT:  World of Tanks — гайд по основам игры

You know love is all we need


We are the world, we are the children,

We are the ones who make

a brighter day so let’s start giving

(Oh)There’s a choice we’re makin’

We’re savin’ our own lives,

It’s true we make a better day

Just you and me

—Verse II

Oh, send theme your hearts so they

know that someone cares

And our lives will be stronger

and free

As God has shown us by turnin’

stone to bread

And so we all must lend

a helping hand

(repeat Chorus except last word)



When you’re down and out and

there’s seems no hope at all

But if we just believe there’s

no way we can fall

Well, well, well, yeah let’s realize

oh that a change can only come

When we stand together as one

(Reapet Chorus 2x Except Last word)



then (Repeat Chorus Using this Chords)

( ,,,,,,,,, )

hey Guy’z….. this are the chords I’m using when I’m playing This song.. hope You

like it Guy’z….. Co’z it sounds goooooooooood!!!!

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