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Вам всегда казалось, что карты в WoT Blitz немного пересвечены? Или Вы просто предпочитаете быть на тёмной стороне? В любом из этих случаев Вам поможет Dark ENB. Изображения ниже кликабельны.

Steam Community :: Guide :: ENB для WoT BlitzSteam Community :: Guide :: ENB для WoT BlitzSteam Community :: Guide :: ENB для WoT BlitzSteam Community :: Guide :: ENB для WoT Blitz

Установка абсолютно такая же: открываете скачанный архив, всё содержимое архива перетаскиваете в папку с игрой (C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonWorld of Tanks Blitz) и соглашаетесь на замену/слияние, если появляется такое окно.

Скачать Dark ENB можно здесь[].


— Хорошо, хорошо, мой маленький повелитель тьмы, вот тебе Очень Тёмный ENB[].
— Вот, мой господин, здесь Экстремально Тёмный ENB[].



James knew this day would be a turning point in his career. He’d been taking photos since he was a kid, but today would be different, as now he was a real reporter! He’d taken his best shots for the Blitztown Star. They’d be a huge success for the newspaper, and he’d enjoy fame and fortune. And then, who knows, maybe he’d move to the big city and work for the New Bay Daily? Oh, that would be awesome! Hopefully, he wouldn’t run out of film.

Steam Community :: Guide :: ENB для WoT BlitzHappy citizens, bright flags fluttering in the breeze, the vehicle parade—nothing got past James’ camera unnoticed. Then suddenly—familiar faces! His best friends, Ashley, Billy, and Hugh, invited him to go for a hike. They had important work to do: testing the new tank, the Ranger, in the wilderness! And maybe they’d even find the Yeti! It was an adventure not to be missed! James and his friends agreed to meet later at the entrance to the National Park as he needed to get back to photographing the festivities. Well, the best shots were still to come!

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From June 30 to July 7, win in Tier IV–X vehicles. For each of your first 5 victories of the day, you’ll get 3 Rollfilms. For a victorious battle to be counted, you need to score a certain amount of XP without Premium Account, boosters, or other modifiers:

  • 250 in Tier IV–V vehicles
  • 350 in Tier VI vehicles
  • in Tier VII vehicles
  • in Tier VIII vehicles
  • in Tier IX vehicles
  • in Tier X vehicles

Attempts to score a victory accumulate for days missed. So, if time allows, you can complete the event in one day.Complete event stages using Rollfilms and get rewards: Premium Account, collectible items, Combat XP and Gold boosters, x3 XP certificates, and the American Eagle attachment!

For Collectors and Completionists

At Stages 3 and 8, you’ll receive collectible items. The first item is a camera. According to the inscription, it belongs to James. The second item is a photograph of the most interesting tank for miles around, the T77, for the front page of the Blitztown Star. You can keep each collectible item as a souvenir or exchange it for 2,000 Free XP.
At Stage 9, you’ll get the beautiful American Eagle attachment which can be installed on most American tanks. Feel its power, strength, and limitless freedom!

Steam Community :: Guide :: ENB для WoT Blitz

  • CIS: June 30, 8:00 (MSK) to July 7, 8:00 (MSK)
  • Europe: June 30, 14:00 (CEST) to July 7, 14:00 (CEST)
  • North America: June 29, 23:00 (PT) / June 30, 02:00 (ET) to July 6, 23:00 (PT) / July 7, 02:00 (ET)
  • APAC: June 30, 14:00 (UTC 8) to July 7, 14:00 (UTC 8)
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After July 7, Rollfilms will no longer be added. From then on, you will have 1 more day to complete the remaining stages using gold at the rate of 65 = 1 Rollfilm. After July 8, Rollfilms will be removed without compensation.

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