15 отрицательных отзывов о World of Tanks — самые честные мнения об играх на VGTimes

15 отрицательных отзывов о World of Tanks - самые честные мнения об играх на VGTimes World of Tanks

Почему я решил вообще написать текст об этом

Для меня это в первую очередь крик души. Я не считаю, что игра, в которую играет человек, делает его плохим или зашкварным. Даже если это игра Genshin Impact. Стигматизация ни к чему хорошему не приводит. Очевидно, что если в игру играет миллионы человек, там есть разные люди.

Я хотел показать, что в World of Tanks играют адекватные люди. Для меня стала большим сюрпризом нетерпимость по отношению к тому, в какую ты игру играешь или какой у тебя там скилл. В офлайне такое редко встретишь.

Стримлю на WASD.TV, стримлю танки и Snowrunner:

Steam community :: world of tanks

Edit: Since so many people are seeing this, i thought i should give your a little more insight

Let’s get a few things out of the way, the game itself can be fun, but only at times and only if you know what you are doing, sadly and trust me when i say this, you won’t have much fun playing wot and i will explain why. I’ve been playing since 2022, i saw the game going trough may changes, some good, some bad, but mostly bad.

A not so fun game. Newbies in the game make up for about 70% of the total player base, nothing wrong with that, but this a two edged sword. As a new player, you will get punished for every little mistake you make by people who actually know how to take advantage of the game’s mechanics, you may have fun messing around, because i know i did, but when you get serious, that attitude will frustrate you, because instead of messing around, you are going to want that victory and you will depend a lot on your team IF YOU ARE PLAYING ALONE. A good platoon of 3 can turn the game around, but let’s face it, most of the times you will be alone or with another 2 square heads. This could be sorted out by balancing the teams, but that doesn’t happen. MM should take in to account people’s stats, play time, wn8 rating..etc when making the teams, but sadly that doesn’t happen, not as it should be at least.

The illusion of progress. You know the old trick, when you tie up a carrot to a stick and hang it in front of the donkey? That’s us. The progression in this game goes like this. Tier 1 to 6, decent, doesn’t take much time or effort, quite rewarding and easy to do. Tier 7 to 10, quite the adventure. Why i say this. Well, after tier 7 you hardly make any credits when WINING a battle, when losing, most of the times you will also be losing credits, that wouldn’t be so bad IF you could actually counter that drawback, what a coincidence, you can, by buying premium account. The hates will say «but it’s a free game, stop complaining so much» and to that i will say, it is made to look like a free game, no feel like one. By the time you finish up researching the next tire, you will have about 1 tenth of the money you need to buy that tank, take into account the constant need for premium ammo, because guess what, that’s the only way you will penetrate some of the atrocities you will encounter, the agony you have to go trough before you get a better gun or turret and you have yourself the key to success. Even with premium account, you will need a tier 5, most likely a premium tier 5 to actually make some decent credits and enough gold to convert free xp to skip grinding a stock vehicles.

Premium tanks, lies and deception. There were times when premium tanks didn’t make much of a difference, now, it’s just a reason to keep milking a dead cow. Some vehicles were quite op and unique, making them very special, but also a target for those looking to have an easy game. At first, being very op, those who couldn’t afford them started complaining, in response, WG promised that those tanks would no longer be available for purchase, that they were only an once in a life time deal or that they will get nerfed, did that happen, no, they saw money and money they wanted. What did they do, seeing the peoples need for op tank, they started coming up with stupid ideas like the black market and over priced bundles to keep milking people’s pockets as much as they could and although players kept complaining, they didn’t care, this continues to this day and i am tired of it. In my entire time playing this game, only a single tank saw a major nerf and that was the super pershing, at that time, WG, to my surprise, gave people the choice to either keep the tank or get a full refund and that only happen because they were afraid of losing those with deep pockets.

Про WoT:  Конструкторы

The MM, a decade old problem. The MM saw many changes and yet, after all this time, it’s still half broken. Most of the times you will have to put up with 2 or rarely 3 arty and 4 or more top tier tanks, placing you either at the bottom of the list or in the middle, that being a more convenient situation, but that is not all, sometimes it will screw up, placing 2 arty at the top of the list, along with another 3-4 top tiers, rendering you useless. Why can’t they balance the damn MM, i don’t know. The game should be — 1 and nothing more and 2 when it comes to arty because some tanks are quite useless against top tiers even when fully upgraded.

Pref MM. This is mostly reserved for premium vehicles and it shouldn’t be that way and this is tied to what i said above. Stock vehicles, some of them at least, should be included here, there should be some king of adaptive mm because as i said, even fully upgraded, some are useless and you will experience this frustration and agony yourself.

The gray area, tier 7 and 9. This is where most of the action takes part and this is also the most annoying part of the game, dealing with tier 9’s as a tier 7 player is a pain in the ass, especially when you add arty to this.

The wn8. What is wn8 you may ask, is some sort of dummy locator, is a stat that basically will let others know how do you perform in the game, making people being toxic and negative even before the battle starts, you may be decent, you may be bad during that battle, but that won’t matter, because they will treat you the same, the lower the number, the more names they will call you. WN8 has no use besides telling people how much you s**k and if you ask me, it should be gone.

Cammo, gold ammo and bonds. These are the 3 horses of the apocalypse. I know that the game has to evolve, i know dedicated players should have their rewards, but why do we have to make the gap between new players and veterans even bigger. Putting everyone in the same pot is like tossing a bull and a dog in the ring, like what the hell. I swear, every single patch they come up with another way of boosting even more a tank’s specs, is not enough that some of they are just stupidly op, no, lets give them another shot. Bounty equipment, improved equipment and now equipment 2.0, curious to see how this will play out. Did i mention you will need to pour constant money into the game to keep up with everyone spamming gold ammo, that surely is fun, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to.

There are more to be said, the mechanics of the game, stupid bugs, premium accounts, arty and many more, but the conclusion is this. The game can be fun at times, but in order to have fun and win, you need a constant platoon of 3 and even then, frustration will come when you encounter op premium vehicles. Do not spend money on the game, because noting will ever change, they do not listen to what players have to said, their only purpose is to milk as much as they can before wot reaches top bottom.



I am a veteran player of nearly 10 years, so I think I know a thing or two about the game. Here’s my take on the game:


— Graphics: The game looks great, running on a custom-designed graphics engine which has surprisingly moderate system requirements
— There are many different tanks to research
— WoT features lots of community events; there’s something new almost every week
— Games can be entered quickly, and servers are generally quite stable


— Strong pay-to-win aspects. Some examples: new premium tanks are mostly stronger than researchable tech tree tanks (used to be different btw), playing high tier matches is hardly an option unless you invest money, premium ammunition and other consumables that provide a distinct advantage cost a lot of credits (which again are difficult to afford without paying real money) … etc.

— Premium tanks are very expensive, with a single tank often costing 30 Euros and more (To be fair, it is not really necessary to buy too many, though)

Про WoT:  Как создать свою шкурку для World of Tanks

— The WoT community is probably among the most toxic among all online games — certainly the worst I know, by a mile. So toxic, in fact, that there is a series of YouTube videos dedicated to demonstrate just how destructive players sometimes are

— Poor map designs: Many maps are one-sided (i.e. favour spawn points), offer little variation or are really too small for the capabilities of the tank tiers that can play on them. Note that this is not true for all of them, of course; some are really great, but notably the more recent ones are mostly really poor

— Extremely poor game balancing: This is the easily worst aspect of the game, and it comes in many shapes. Some examples:

* Although there are exceptions in every tech tree, it is an open secret that certain nations are quite consistently better than others in the game. Not that Wargaming would ever admit that, of course.
* Wargaming has a policy of rewarding the strongest players with the strongest tanks, so in high tier matches inexperienced players are put at an extra disadvantage
* Some tank classes are extremely difficult to counter (artilleries, wheeled tanks with an absurd auto-aim while moving).
* Due to the nature of matchmaking you will frequently find yourself in matches where you can do next to nothing
* The disparities in strength between tanks of the same Tier are often hair-raising. On Tier VIII, for example, a handful of tanks (mostly premium, of course) are so utterly dominant that the rest might as well not be in the game.

and and and …

All in all, I would not recommend WoT to any new players anymore. It really isn’t a particularly good game now; Wargaming have made too many poor design decisions over the past few years — the introduction of the stupefyingly idiotic wheeled tanks was just one example among many. It is true that it still has no equal in its niche, so if somebody wants to play a fast-paced tank shooter, it’s probably this or nothing. However, those new players who are giving it a go should prepare for a game experience that is 10% fun and 90% frustration, and that frustration will way too often not be caused by their own inadequacy, but by poor game design.

TL,DR: Spare yourself the frustration, play something that is actually fun. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of great games out there.

World of tanks vs warthunder, или пара слов критике

Про WoT:  FAQ по игре - Руководства - World of Tanks - прохождение, гайд, руководство, мануал, FAQ

Как ты тут оказался, сынок?

В танки я начал играть еще в 2022, но играл нерегулярно, хотя концепция мне нравилась. Плотно я занялся танками только в 2022 году, наверное, из-за прогрессирующей депрессии (работал на душной работе), донатил и покупал премы. В 2020 году я стал играть более умеренно и не так запойно.

Плюсы world of tanks

  • В игре есть глубокая механика, например, умение танковать и пробивать другие танки. В этом бывает сложно разобраться, так как много подводных камней и много разных танков. Это не онлайн шутеры, в которых важны реакция и скорость интернет игрока, тут решают умение читать сетапы команды противника и понимание плюсов и минусов своего танка.
  • Разнообразный дизайн танков и графика) Не умею описывать графические изыски, но графон неплох, хоть я не играю в 4K.
  • Полно гайдов по игре. Мне приходилось смотреть танковых стримеров, чтобы понять, как играть и постоянно не умирать. Я смотрел Near_you, единственный более менее приличный блогер, от которого не умираешь от кринжа.
  • Играть можно на чем угодно, даже на моем стареньком ноутбуке, хоть я сейчас и купил ПК.
  • Звук моторов волшебен, хотя настоящие танки звучат очень громко и противно.

15 отрицательных отзывов о world of tanks — самые честные мнения об играх на vgtimes

Как по мне, так данная игра с каждым обновлением все хуже и хуже, сейчас обьясню почему. Когда я начал играть в неё мне все казалось крутым, пусть не было так много разнообразной техники, но зато было интересно играть. Сейчас же, разработчики вроде пытаются что-то привнести в игру с каждым обновлением, но это только для заманиловки игроков.

Техники стало много, но не думаю, что прямо все игроки стараются скупить всю технику, некоторые танки полностью индентичны, только в названии добавлено какое-нибудь слово для различия. Премиум машинам по сравнению с обычными в разы подняли доходность, что вынуждает некоторых игроков тратить реальные деньги, на покупку премиум машины, потому что на обычной технике заработать очень тяжело, так как обычной технике, наоборот, доходность снижают.А, напомню, премиум машины хорошие для заработка стоят порядка 2-2,5 тысяч рублей, лучше за такие деньги GTA 5 купить, чем купить какой-то один танчик.

По моему мнению, игра стала хуже, и если когда-то я неё играл, то сейчас я уже забил на неё, потому что играть стало невозможно, это и бесконечные уходы в минус из-за поражений союзной команды, которые играют плохо и плохой баланс, когда тебя на танке 5 лвл кидает к 8-ому.

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